Citizen's notarial portal

Do you want to sign before a notary online?

As of November 9, 2023, all those individuals or companies that wish to carry out notarial procedures without having to physically go to the notary's office will be able to do so through the Notarial Citizen Portal.

Step 1

What is the Notarial Citizen Portal?

The Citizen's Notarial Portal is an online platform made available by the General Council of Notaries so that Spanish citizens and companies can carry out various notarial procedures with the notary of their choice electronically.

Step 2

How to register in the Notarial Citizen Portal

Registration is the starting point and it is different for individuals and companies. It is important to pay attention to the video.

Step 3

How to access the Notarial Citizen Portal

Once registered in the Notarial Citizen Portal the same portal offers you three different methods to configure and start your session.

Step 4

How to upload the DNI / NIE to the Notarial Portal

The last essential step to be able to carry out your notarial procedures online is to upload your DNI / NIE in the Notarial Citizen Portal.

Step 5

What procedures can be carried out online in the Notarial Portal?

Below you will find a series of practical guides developed by our team at Jesús Benavides Notary Office. These guides are designed to help you navigate through the different sections and functionalities of the Notarial Citizen Portal.

Please note that this is a constantly evolving platform and although we make every effort to keep our guides up to date, there may be times when the information we provide is not up to date with the latest modifications and updates to the platform.

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