Notarial services in Barcelona

Whether you are an individual or a company, we provide personalized attention to all your queries and offer you a wide variety of notarial services in Barcelona so that you can carry out your notarial procedures in a simple and agile manner.

Marriage - Jesús Benavides Notary Office


Donation - Jesús Benavides Notary Office

Inheritance and donations

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Notarial Services - Real Estate and Mortgage - Notaria Jesús Benavides

Real estate and mortgage

General Power of Attorney - Jesús Benavides Notary Office

Powers of Attorney

Certificate of legitimization of signature for a foreign country - Jesús Benavides Notary's Office



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Notarial Services - Second copies - Jesús Benavides Notary Office

Second copies

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Sworn translation

Sworn Translations