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Notary in Barcelona

Our notary office in Barcelona is located on Avenida Diagonal (corner with Aribau street) in the heart of Eixample, one of the most emblematic neighborhoods and easily accessible from anywhere in the city.

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Jesús Benavides Lima - Notary Barcelona
Jesus Benavides Lima

Notary in Barcelona

As a notary's office in Barcelona we want to be part of the important moments in the daily life of any person or company. Our commitment is to solve in an agile and efficient way any kind of notarial procedure you may need, making your daily needs our notarial services!

My objective as a notary in Barcelona is to show in the closest, most complete and orderly way possible through this website the many notary services we offer to citizens, banks and companies in the city of Barcelona. When you go to any notary office you should always keep in mind:

  1. In Spain there are almost 3,000 active notaries distributed throughout the country.
  2. Citizens are guaranteed the right to freely choose the notary of their choice.
  3. No notary can randomly charge whatever he/she wants, since notary fees are strictly regulated by law.

Therefore, when you need and choose a notary it should always be for the quality of the notarial service offered.

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Inheritance and donations

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Powers of Attorney

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Second copies

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Sworn translation

Sworn Translations

A notary's office is more than just an office for signing papers.
Notaries are custodians of legal certainty, impartial advisors, protectors of the law and practical mediators in complex legal tasks.

Notarial blog

Do not expect to find any legal master class in this blog. It intends to explain, in the simplest and most practical way possible, the different legal and notarial situations in which any person may find himself/herself throughout his/her life. It is a purely informative blog whose main purpose is to try to solve doubts. It tries to address and combine both classic or traditional issues, as well as more current issues but always within the notarial legal field.

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Frequently asked questions about notaries in Barcelona

What services does a notary's office in Barcelona offer?

Our notary office in Barcelona offers a wide range of legal services in different categories:

  • Inheritance and donations
  • Mercantil
  • Real estate and mortgage
  • Family
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Minutes
  • Policies
  • Legitimations
  • Testimonials

As a notary's office we have specialized and have grown in team and experience in all procedures related to the purchase and sale of real estate in Barcelona and the cancellation of mortgages, as well as in the support of inheritance procedures . Additionally, we have a team specially dedicated to the support of companies for commercial procedures and a team focused on the signing of family procedures.

How can I make an appointment at a notary's office in Barcelona?

In our notary's office you can make your appointment conveniently online through our appointment request form. Make sure you have all the necessary documentation ready or contact us in case you have any doubts.

What do I need to sign a document at a notary's office in Barcelona?

The documentation required to sign may vary depending on the procedure or other factors. You can search through our services for your procedure and find detailed information on the individual service pages.

How much does a notary service in Barcelona cost?

The cost of a notary service in Barcelona, as in the rest of Spain, can vary depending on the type of procedure you need to perform. Notaries in Spain have rates regulated by the State, which means that the prices for certain services are fixed and must be respected by all notaries. However, the final cost may vary depending on the complexity of the document or the number of parties involved. In our article "Did you know that.... all notaries must charge the same?" we explain everything in detail.

Is it possible to carry out notarial procedures online in Barcelona?

Since last November 2023 citizens in Spain can do their paperwork online through the Citizen's Notarial Portal. We explain in detail how it works in our page about the Notarial Portal.

Can I receive legal advice at a notary's office in Barcelona?

Yes, you can receive legal advice at a notary's office in Barcelona, although the type of advice a notary can provide is specific and is focused primarily on the documents and formalities that are being formalized before him or her. Notaries in Spain are legal professionals with extensive legal training, and their role includes ensuring that notarial acts and contracts comply with the law and protect the interests of all parties involved. Our team of professionals will be happy to support you with your paperwork. Make your inquiry directly online and we will contact you.

Can notaries in Barcelona handle paperwork for foreigners?

Yes, since Barcelona is a city with a high number of foreign residents and visitors, notaries are accustomed to handling international cases and, in many cases, offer multilingual services to facilitate communication. This includes a variety of essential services. You will find our services offered with the documentation requirements you need to provide.

What are the differences between a notary and a lawyer in Barcelona?

In Barcelona, as in the rest of Spain, the professions of notary and lawyer have different roles and responsibilities, although both work in the legal field. Here I explain the main differences:

  1. Function and objectives:
    • Notary: The main function of a notary is to confer public faith to the documents and acts that are formalized before him, ensuring their legality, authenticity and legal certainty. Notaries act as an impartial intermediary between the parties to ensure that all legal requirements are met and that agreements are properly documented.
    • Lawyer: Lawyers represent and defend the interests of their clients in various legal matters, both in and out of court. Their role is to provide legal advice to their clients, prepare the defense and representation in litigation, and guide in legal proceedings and decisions.
  2. Impartiality:
    • Notary: Must maintain a neutral position, ensuring that all parties understand the content and legal consequences of the documents and acts they sign.
    • Lawyer: He is committed to defend his client's interests, acting in a partial manner in favor of his client.
  3. Legal documents:
    • Notary: Has the exclusive authority to create public documents (such as deeds of sale, wills and powers of attorney) that have a high degree of reliability and are directly enforceable.
    • Lawyer: Prepares writings and private documents, such as contracts, lawsuits and other legal documents that may need to be validated or notarized in order to have certain legal formalities.
  4. Requirements to practice:
    • Notary: To become a notary in Spain, it is necessary to pass a rigorous national examination and be appointed by the Ministry of Justice. Notaries are civil servants.
    • Lawyer: Lawyers must obtain a law degree, pass the bar exam and be admitted to the corresponding bar association.
  5. Scope of work:
    • Notary: His work is more focused on the prevention of litigation, ensuring that acts and contracts are clear and within the law.
    • Attorney: May be involved in a wide range of legal situations, including litigation, legal advice, negotiations and mediations between conflicting parties.

These differences underscore the importance of each profession within the legal system and how they complement the legal spectrum by serving society's various legal needs. You can find more information about the requirements to become a notary in our article "Did you know that... to become a notary it is necessary to have a law degree and then study a tough opposition?"

Can I freely choose any notary's office in Barcelona?

Yes, you can freely choose any notary's office in Barcelona to carry out your legal and notarial procedures. In Spain, notaries are liberal professionals and citizens have the right to choose the notary's office they prefer, although you must keep in mind that they are assigned to a locality and have a territorial limit. You can select a notary based on criteria such as proximity, recommendations, specialization in certain services, or even the speed and efficiency of the service offered. This flexibility is part of the guarantee of access to quality notary services tailored to your specific needs. You can find more information in our article on whether you can choose the notary you want.

How do clients who have visited our notary's office in Barcelona rate our services?

Our clients highly value the services we offer at our notary's office in Barcelona. This is reflected in our Google Maps profile, where we have received more than 1,400 reviews, with an average rating of 5.0 stars. This exceptional level of satisfaction underscores our commitment to excellence, meticulous and personalized attention, and our ability to guide clients through their legal and notarial needs in an effective and transparent manner. Each review is a testament to the effort and dedication we put into ensuring that each client receives the best possible service.